First Gloryhole Swallows When I am 18

The day has finally arrived. I was 18 years old, and it was legal just a few days ago. For years, I passed by a local adult bookstore and wondered what was inside. Today I was able to enter, today I was legal age, and I decided to find out why such things look so taboo in this area. I remember parking so that my parent’s car couldn’t be seen from the street. As I approached the door with the sign “Must be 18 years old, legal proof of age required”, I could feel the hair behind my neck standing. Do not enter if sexually explicit content can be offensive to you. I laughed at myself; it was exactly the sexually explicit material I was here. I wanted to be offended.

I entered the store and was immediately asked for my ID. When I handed over my driver’s license, I was blushing fiercely. At the bottom of my heart, I was convinced that the Thought Police would always arrest me! The guy behind the counter returned it, perhaps with a little laugh, when he immediately read my naive. I think my mouth was open, and when I was looking around something I hadn’t imagined, I was probably drooling myself. In a magazine about all the sexual activity you can imagine, one wall was covered from floor to ceiling. On another wall were dildos, vibrators and sex toys. The cashier cabinet was peppered with lubricants, condoms, and vials that I later learned. Then something I didn’t expect. Movies. I had never thought or imagined it, but at the time there was an 8mm loop. The wallboard had a small selection of boxes and some on top of each.

“I want to see # 8,” he told the man behind the counter.

He just looked at me and said, “OK.”

I made two more requests before he realized he didn’t know what I was doing. Again, my face must have been purple at this point. He was merciful to me, asked how many quarters I wanted, and explained how to use the machine.

Finally, he said, “Go down the hallway. After turning the corner, the first booth on the left is # 8.”

I nodded and walked down the hallway. The first thing I noticed was the smell. Later on, I would recognize it as a mixture of tobacco, sweat, semen, and urine. I went to booth # 8 and noticed it was occupied. I went back and figured out which movie was showing in which room and made another choice. I dropped a quarter for about two hours that day, saw the loop, and came to the floor several times. After realizing that it was a place everyone did. Then I bought some magazines and went home. I’m sure the people at the counter laughed at my expense after I left.

A few days later, I came back, hoping to repeat my previous experience. This time I arrived at the booth without being shy and dropped a quarter and my pants. I was stroking for a few minutes when I heard the voice, “Hey, let me do it for you.”

Until then, I didn’t realize there was a gap between the booths, or at least I didn’t know what it was for. I dropped a few more quarters-they got noisy if you were in the booth and the movie wasn’t showing-and walked to the wall opening.

Immediately I was moaning loudly. A direct hand, besides myself started stroking my cock. I noticed that he kept pulling me into the hole, so I approached little by little until it was pressed against the wall and the cock ultimately passed through the hole. Suddenly, hot dampness swallowed my cock. I had never experienced such a thing, so it took me a while to figure out he was smoking me. His mouth was hot, wet and very strong. As soon as I understood what was happening, I felt the most fantastic orgasm ever hit me, and I flooded his mouth with my semen. Only the wall supported me. Then, I noticed that my mouth was separated from the cock and the loop machine was cut. I had a hard time pulling the very stiff cock back into my pants and pulling it together to get rid of hell from it. When I first visited this place, I didn’t know what to expect, but this was certainly not my imagination. I was struggling with the previous notion of my sexuality. I wasn’t attracted to men, but God, that was the hottest thing that ever happened to me, and I didn’t want it to be the last.

A few weeks later, I finally came back with courage. I was as excited as hell and wanted to be sucked in again. I was sitting in the booth after the booth-I soon found out that such things were more popular than others. At one point, I heard something at the next stall. I noticed that I could listen to voices other than film loop playback. I leaned over and looked into the hole and saw a man on his lap, giving a blow job to another man standing in the middle of the booth. I looked at it, and my loop for a while and decided not to blow my luggage before I was sucked too. At some point, I had to run out of a quarter and go back to get more. When I returned to the booth, I heard a voice saying “I’m there!” In the booth, and my skin was shocked. I was worried that you might have left. ”

It was a blowjob provider from the neighbour. He was watching me look through the hole, and after the other guy left, he came to find me. I dropped my room as he put my pants back on and pulled them to the floor. He pushed me back to the bench and knelt between my legs.

I moaned as his mouth swallowed my cock completely. He moved my flesh up and down and sucked me hard and deep. His tongue danced up and down my length, and his mouth was pulled apart to lick and breastfeed my ball. After a few minutes, I thought it would explode. I guess I also felt that I took off my mouth for a moment to lick and suck my middle finger. I didn’t know what he was doing until I thought my sleek fingers were slipping between my dislikes looking for my dislikes.

“Shit!” He found it, so I whispered and looked it up. His mouth swallowed me whole again when he pushed his fingers as far as my virgin ass allowed him, and a few seconds later, I felt like a gallon climax in his mouth I pumped the virgin. When I came, I was moaning and moaning, and I could feel the details of his fingers in the sphincter ring on my butt.

When he squeezed the last juice out of me, all I could say was “fuck, fuck, fuck ….”.

“Shit!” I heard from the door. My eyes opened, and I was shocked to see a man from the register looking at us. I stroked an obvious erection on his pants. I’m glad it was dark, but I think my face was shyly red and shining in the lava. Correspondingly, I could feel the disliked people squeeze hard.

“Easy, easy … relax,” whispered the sucker, gently moving his fingers lose enough to lift his fingers away from his hips. “Damn, you’re a tight fucker,” he whispered. “How about going home with me?”

I thought about it a bit before my heart, not my mouth, said, “Hell, I’m not a queer!” I answered “not tonight”, and I got together and took hell out of it before my rooster could change my mind.

This time I was months away. After that, I revived every moment of the experience for many nights, but I knew I shouldn’t go back. I didn’t want to be gay. I couldn’t be gay. I loved women-by this time I finally started having sex with women. I loved sex with women. I loved boobs and pussy. I liked to see women. I didn’t see men, and I wasn’t attracted to men. What I wanted was sucking my cock, and I was already beginning to realize that your cock had nothing like the strength of a man’s mouth. Finally, my cook won. It was summer. I was hot and horny, and I had to pump my semen out of my hands. After taking a shower and cleaning up, I went on a late-night adventure at a bookstore.

I have never overcome the embarrassment of entering this place. I knew I had a bright blush all the time. I got my dormitory and went back. I was lucky, but the back booth in the back corner of the biggest “favourite” was open.

As I entered, I heard a voice behind me saying, “Take care of the company.” I was even luckier.

I said “of course” and put him in and locked the door behind us.

When I heard weird sniffing noise, I was dropping a quarter on the machine. “I want some,” he asked, offering a small bottle as I had seen before.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Poppers,” he told me.

I still didn’t know what to do. I asked.

“You sniff them,” he said. “Put the bottle under your nose and whisk it deeply.” I did as he said, and suddenly my head exploded with light. I was dizzy and lit, warm and super excited.

I put my pants back on and sat on the bench. He crawls between my legs, snorts another and hands me a bottle. He swallowed my cock when I hit again. Lightning flashed through my body as a violent ammonia odour shook my brain and his mouth magical my stiff and tense rooster. He started licking my ball, and I thought I was in ecstasy.

“I like it very much,” I muttered. He began to pull my legs apart in an attempt to lower my ball. Finally, he pulled one leg out of my pants and urged me to support my leg on the bench. “Yes, that’s right,” I thought, he wants to finger my ass. His hands stroked my cheeks, but instead of teasing my dislikes with my fingers, he lifted them and stabbed his face there.

“Damn!” I shouted quietly as his lips and tongue touched my ass. That hot, wet mouth that had sucked me in just a short time now was kissing and biting between my cheeks. Then his tongue, which drove me wild on my cock shaft and my ball, suddenly began to flutter towards my dislike. “Unun, ununun” I scooped forward on the bench and whispered while giving him more access to my now very horny ass. “Fuuuuuucccckkkkk!” I moaned again when his tongue focused on my dislike and began to crumple and investigate.

When it hit me, I was trying to help him get better access. I stood up and handed him a popper. He was walloped, with me taking off my pants, leaning forward, putting one foot on the bench, and keeping my ass, cook, and ball at his mouth level. He moaned deeply and buried his face between my cheeks. He was like a hungry man who devoured food as his mouth, lips, tongue, and gentle teeth sucked, licked, bitten, kissed, and raped with my tongue. I’ve never experienced such a thing in my life as I crouched down in the darkness of that booth, feeding this stranger, eating it up, and verbally loving my ass. He was moaning as loud as I was. Occasionally he lifts his mouth from my ass for enough time to lick my ball, sucks my cock almost to the point of eruption and pulls it away, hits it again from the bottle and sucks my dislike I returned to.

On a trip that went up and down my cock with his mouth, I felt his fingers near my dislike. “Oh yeah, fuck me,” I whispered, thinking he would fuck me with my fingers while he was sucking me. Indeed, his fingers soon found the way in my very spit-like dislike. I moaned as the “nnnnnnnnnggg” sphincter gladly gave him full access. I was very relaxed, hot and wet. I just crouched down and muttered, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh, my god yes, shit …”.

I felt the popper pushed back into my hand. His mouth was away from my cock, but his fingers were still examining my ass. When I sniffed deeply, I heard the zipper on my pants go down, and I felt his hot, hard cock rubbing my ass, ball and cock. He was exuding a large amount of pre-ejaculate, his rooster was slipping hot on my skin. I understood what he wanted and silently asked him to do me. When I lowered my feet to the floor and bent over the bench, blood was barking in my head from the popper. I reached back to keep my cheeks open for him and felt the heat of his cock as it was pushed into my crack. I moaned inconsistently as I felt his thick shaft pressed against my very relaxed but still virgin ass. “Unnnnnnnnggggg!” That was all I could manage as his cock’s head slipped through my sphincter and pushed him into my dislike. “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” I whispered when he took me gently. As his hands began to push and pull my hips back and forth into his cock, my hands left my cheeks and crouched on the bench. “I’m having sex!” My heart screamed, but all that came out of my mouth was “ngggggaaaaaaahhhhhh”.

My dislikes were now hungry for deep penetration, so I tried to adjust my legs to the optimal angle. I started shaking against him, trying to lift me all the thick inches of his cock. He once again held the bottle under my nose and pushed it into me as deep as possible. I took a deep breath in the plunge, and also my heart exploded into colour and stars, my hips returned to him, and the buttock edge finally touched his abdomen. “That’s right,” I thought.

Now he has begun to fuck me seriously. He took my ass, ploughed it, rocked my cock back and forth under me, hit me on the belly, and polished his ball with a backswing. The booth was full of slaps, slaps, and slaps on the hips that met the hips with a deep, hard fuck, as well as the hot, smooth cock swallowing in and out of those who happily dislike it. Oh, I was raped. When he reached under me to grab my cock, he shifted to grind me. “Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! I cried. The feelings were overwhelming. I noticed I was on a huge orgasm plateau for a few minutes, and Now I’m in the abyss of deep, dark and forbidden joy. I must have roared as semen began to be fired from the cock.

“Fuck, fuck fuck!” He muttered, and I felt a hot liquid squirting deep into my rectum. I took my breath away. It felt so wrong and still very correct as his cock spewed into me. When I came down from a high place, I kept squeezing him with my ass, my ass clenched involuntarily and pumped a little more semen volley from my rooster. I leaned on the bench with my hands, and he made a few more strokes inside and outside my ass, but I finally felt a deep burn on my now violated anal ring, and I gave him I asked you to pull it out. I heard a growl and looked under me and saw his semen leaking from my dislike with a large drop and still struggling to close completely. He reached out and gently rubbed my now soft ass as I kept bending over for a while, trying to hold my breath. After he touched me in and out for about a minute, I was finally able to sit on the bench away from the delicious pain. He fixed himself, took the popper and left me there. Realizing that the movie stopped shortly before, I began to wonder what people heard or if I looked into a hole to see me being raped. I tried to get myself back. There were semen stains on my shirt from where my cock hit my belly while he was fucking me. There was semen everywhere in my pants, and even in my shoes, from where I literally sprayed orgasm throughout the booth. When I dressed and tried to look as good as possible, my dislike was soft and exuded his semen. I know no one was fooled when I came out of the store that night. They all knew I was the guy who was raped at the booth. Shortly after that, I moved to the school, marriage, career, and all the bullshit associated with it. I never returned to the bookstore.

Today I returned to the old town. I drive the same road as it was over 20 years ago. As I passed the place where the bookstore used to be, I grinned inside myself, laughing with waves and smiling at Jiffy Lube’s embarrassed attendant.