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What’s made abundantly clear is that IMO efforts to tighten loading regulations for nickel ore are not likely to have much effect on seafarer security because getting reliable moisture content accounts in many remote Indonesia islands is practically impossible, and also separate surveyors are routinely prevented from doing their jobs from shippers or so are harassed by authorities. “The circular must advise shipowners to pay special, especially from Indonesia, due to the raining seasons and a great chance of those cargoes packed on board with moisture content (MC) exceeding the stream moisture content (FMC) for this freight,” stated the report. One analysis report talks about multiple other dangerous incidents on the transaction from Indonesia who have gone awry.

One report called the Panama Maritime Administration to issue a Circular to shipowners highlighting the threat of carriage of cargoes, which are liable to liquefy during the passing and the abrupt lack of stability—issued to shipowners. You can also win some money. The sum of these numbers represents the triumph goal. Players bet on a single number, a selection of colors and numbers. Players no longer have to mark off the numbers as the automobile dauber has that done mechanically. Loading shouldn’t commence until the test results are obtained, and the specialist is pleased that the cargo is safe for shipment.

At 11.11 on 9 November 2010 that the Master of the Nasco Diamond reported to his manager by satellite phone that the boat was set 3 levels to port and cargo slurry was washing around all five holds. Scoop and to eject slurry. One investigator concluded that place checks wouldn’t absolutely guarantee the would not liquefy onboard and that a specialist ought to be appointed” to liaise and oversee” the local surveyor and even if this requires a couple of days on account of the remoteness of several nickel ore mines in Indonesia. Indonesia rainy period is due to start in September/October, and there is no reason to believe that nickel loaded then will be safer than it’s been within the last four decades.