Show your kids an interesting Animated Movie ‘Luv Kushh the Serpent King’ at Aha

Cartoon movies are the most watchable programs for many children, as they are interesting, educative, informative, and inspiring. Let children watch cartoon movies online now!

You may be watching all the web series, movies on Aha OTT. With the latest digital graphic technology, many new cartoon roles are created to provide unlimited entertainment to the Telugu audiences.

Aha OTT was streaming the web series videos of ChottaBheem and Mighty Raju, etc. to entertain the children. Watch the cartoon movie ‘Luv KushhThe Serpent King’. It is also available on aha and streaming in HD quality for the better entertainment of all ages children. Watch cartoon movies online at Aha.


‘Luv Kushh, The Serpent King’ is an Animated Movie which is taken from Ramayana to show the children what’s the history of Luv Kushh in a convenient version.

The movie explains to the children what their characters are and what is interesting about the adventures of Luv Kushh. The movie was released on 25th May 2020.

Why  children watch more ‘Luv Kushh The Serpent King’  movie online

The Luv Kushh, The Serpent King movie, is designed in a good version so that children can be attracted to it and can be watched easily. Children can also grab the ethics and values of the movie. They start thinking about what’s right and what’s wrong after the viewing of an animated movie. The main thing the children can get from watching the movie is that the grabbing capacity of the children can be improved

Luv KushhThe Serpent King – Watch cartoon movies online

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

Production Company: Rajiv Chilaka on Green Gold Animations Banner.

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run time: 60 Minutes

Release date: 25th May 2020

Background of the Luv KushhThe Serpent King movie

Director has improvised the characters of Luv Kushh with his animations. He has also shown the graphical representation in the good version so that children can easily understand the concept of the movie. The director has animated the movie characters effectively and got super hits in his career.

A plot of the Luv KushhThe Serpent King movie

The movie was directed by Rajiv Chilaka under the banner of Green Gold Animations. The animated story is about Luv Kushh, the twins. The story is picked from ancient Ramayana.

Lord Rama and Sita have given birth to Luv Kushh, the twins. From birth, they have learned all the Vedas, ethics, and values. They also have learned what’s right and what’s wrong. Luv Kushh has created the best indication of the brother’s relationship to the world. To know the story of the Luv Kushh, watch it.Watch cartoon movies online at Aha OTT today!

Reasons to why kids should watch Luv Kushh animated movie on Aha

  1. The movie is directed in such a way that the children get entertained with all the characters, adventures, magic, and more of Luv Kushh.
  2. The children can grab the confidence and spirit by seeing the Luv Kushh character.
  3. The director knows how to attract the children and shown his talent in animating the movie in a beautiful way.
  4. The movie highlights how Luv  Kushh rescued VaanarRaj’s supernatural power from Sarp raj.
  5. The music director Sunil Raj has given the best melodious music to the best-animated movie to attract the children to watch it.

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